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Orlando sparkles with the promise of adventure. Spend a day exploring the world-famous Disney theme parks, giggling with the dolphins at SeaWorld, or screaming your head off at Universal Studios. Orlando is the number one destination for class trips in the United States. There is no other destination that offers as many activities for students. At World Class Vacations we create a custom itinerary for your group.

Some places to visit in Orlando include:

  • Walt Disney World® Resort
  • Universal Orlando Resort™
  • Sea World
  • Plus more!

Contact us for a custom itinerary and prices for your group!

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The World Class Difference

We provide our guests with superior service from start to finish.

Our staff will follow through from the planning and booking stages to operating your trip on-site. Some unique offerings include: chartered flights, to ensure your group travels on one airplane; 24 Hour tour escorts; on-site security to ensure your chaperones get much needed rest each night; and so much more. Every part of your trip with us, from start to finish, from travel to stay, from price to service, is World Class.

Charted Flights: Most travel companies book the inexpensive seats on each flight, splitting your group up on several flights at different times of the day. World Class Vacations charters the entire aircraft for your group; we make available to you unprecedented access to aircraft inventory among 143 to 182 seat aircraft.

Charted Buses: We provide charted buses with drivers that are professional, customer service oriented, and safe. We charter buses for groups with 28-56 passengers per bus.

On-Location Support: experienced, skilled and friendly representatives who know the area and the people to contact to make things happen. Anyone can operate a trip when things are going right, but when weather, mechanical and people issues occur, you need a company with the contacts and resources to make it right!

On-Site Security Personnel: No need to stay up watching that your students stay in their rooms. Our private security team, provided by Student Watchers Chaperone Service, ensures a peace of mind and tends the rooms for you from 12-7AM.

Try Before You Buy: We want you to see our operation and meet our staff before you arrive with the students. We pay for your airfare, hotel, and activities while on location. Contact WCV today and make arrangements.

Our Errors & Omission Insurance is truly world class covers all of our travelers. The law clearly states that schools can not be held liable for third-party actions, in this case: WCV, airlines, hotel, Disney, etc. One of the reasons why thousands of schools have traveled with us over the past 40+ years is the protection we afford them which ensures comprehensive coverage and a peace of mind for all parties involved.

Financial Security: We want you to feel comfortable in selecting our company to coordinate this very important experience, therefore we allow all new schools that have never traveled with us in the past to hold $5,000 from your final payment until after the trip returns home and you are completely satisfied.

World Class Service: Our staff makes sure that your staff is well taken care of each night with plenty of complimentary food, drinks and other accommodations.

VIP Access: With our contacts and experience we offer you access to exclusive functions and events.

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