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October 12th, 2016

Benefits of Student Travel

Dance Events Blogger

What is your favorite reason to travel? Maybe it’s meeting new people and exploring new places, or maybe it’s getting out of your comfort zone and discovering new possibilities. Traveling provides a sense of understanding and respect of many different cultures. It also opens a door to new experiences, thoughts, and opportunities. Traveling is important not just to get out of your comfort zone, but to learn and grow. These are just a few reasons why travel is beneficial to students of all ages. Check out our top reasons why student travel is important in the world today.

1. Independence 

  • When students travel alone, they learn how to be independent young adults. Students learn how to budget money, problem solve, and navigate through an airport without their parents or guardians. This can help students learn how to be self-sufficient while in college, at a job, and throughout their careers. 

2. Enhances communication skills 

  • If you are in an area you are unfamiliar with, you do your best to try and communicate with those around you. This can help strengthen communication skills and connect with friends on the trip. Students almost always come back with new friendships that were made on a student trip. If your group travels abroad, students are able to learn how to communicate within that culture. 

3. Hands-On Learning 

  • Student travel provides the opportunity for students to explore the field and get their hands dirty. Students actually experience what they are learning about through certain programs or events. During our Cook Around The World event, students get the chance to explore the culinary industry at one of the top vacation spots in the world, the Walt Disney World® Resort! 

4. Appreciation of different cultures

  • Traveling to a new place gives people a different outlook on different cultures and people. When you travel to a new city, state, or country, you form a bond with that place. You have the opportunity to learn similarities and differences in cultures and languages. Not only do you learn these similarities and differences, but it gives you a sense of respect for that location. Being in a new place can also open many doors for new careers or other amazing opportunities. 

5. Self-Confidence

  • When students travel in a group, they form friendships, develop their own opinions, and become more experienced. This gives students self-confidence that can further their careers at school or in the workplace. Plus, if students travel at a young age, they might be more likely to travel and explore in the future. 
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